Zombie Run coming soon to Taichung, Sat 21st Oct 2017. Don’t miss out, Book online now!

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Live the fantasy of outrunning Zombies, or hunting humans at the Zombie run Taichung! This short 3km chase is the thrill of a lifetime for you and your friends! Cool photo opportunities are also available the day of run. Get your friends, colleagues and even enemies to join the run! Who knows? Maybe your boss will be eaten by a zombie (wink wink).

  1. Date: Sat 21th October 2017. 2:00pm to 6pm.
  2. Venue: Taichung City, details to be announced soon.
  3. Distance: 3km – you can run, walk or hide!

See what the hype is all about: Video


One of the best themed runs.

GQ Taiwan
Each human runner will get a belt with 3 flags (lives). As you run/escape, zombies will try to take a flag from your belt. Remember to dodge, jump or run around the zombies. For the humans, the goal is to survive and finish the race with at least one flag left! Or else, it means you have been infected and did not survive! As for zombies, GO CRAZY and grab as many lives as you can!

Choose if you want to be a:

  1. 1: RUNNER NT$980, early bird special NT$750 Sold Out
  2. 2A: ZOMBIE and have your makeup done by a professional NT$1,500, early bird special NT$1,380 Sold Out
  3. 2B: ZOMBIE and you DIY do your own makeup NT$880, early bird special NT$750 Sold Out


Ticketing Platform for the Zombie Run Taichung

Join the race. The zombies are coming. Run, run, run faster.


Runner Packs include:

  • Zombie Run Tshirt
  • Belt, with 3 Lives
  • Starting time ID wristband
  • Special Zombie Black drawstring Bag
  • Survival Guide rule booklet

Note: Runners must wear the Tshirt and Starting time wristband to the run.

Zombie Packs include:

  • Black Zombie Tshirt
  • Zombies ID Wristband
  • Starting time ID wristband
  • Special Zombie Black drawstring Bag
  • Zombie Guide rule booklet

Note: Zombies must wear both the Zombie ID wristband, and the starting time wrist band to the race. Zombies do not have to wear the official T-shirt, they are free to dress in zombie outfits.




[email protected]


Safety First:

Let’s make Zombie Run 2017 an exciting, and safe experience. This is a fun run, not an extreme sport competition; so please respect everyone’s safety.

  • Runners and Zombies cannot attack, hit, push, grab, harm, or touch, one another. Anyone doing so will be disqualified immediately, and be asked to leave the event. You cannot swear or shout at one another.
  • Wear proper running shoes so you avoid slipping.
  • If you should hurt yourself, there will be first aid nurses, and paramedics stationed along the route.
  • This is a fun chase run game. As with any sport, there is the possibility of injury. If you agree to participate, you do so voluntarily. As is normal for this type of an event. you must sign an Indemnity Form, and agree not to hold the organizer’s responsible for any loss or injury. Please scan it and email us back at [email protected]
  • The organizer’s provide run insurance. To learn more, please email us at [email protected]
  • If you want to have a more comprehensive insurance, you can purchase additional insurance. To learn more, please email us at [email protected]
  • Each participant must read the Safety Rules of how to participate. This is available: 1. on our Official Website. 2. Plus we will provide reminders on Facebook. 3. Read it in the information book in the runners pack. 4. Further safety tips will be given on the day.
  • If you feel tired you do not have to run, you can walk. Or if you want to leave the race, or rest, please step aside off the track. If you need any help, please call one of the race Marshalls for assistance.
  • If you are injured, please do not continue, and ask for assistance from either a marshall, or the first aid or paramedics teams.
  • Any person who suffers from any serious previous injury or heart condition should not participate.
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate.


2 types of insurance are provided:

  1. TYPE 1: Public liability. (Up to NT$3 million)

  2. TYPE 2: Personal injury (Up to NT$1 million for disability, or death. Up to NT$50,000 for medical expenses). Foreigners without a Taiwan ID or without an ARC and health card, will not be covered by Type 2 Insurance.

Optional extra:

  1. TYPE 3: Added coverage: You have a choice to purchase more comprehensive insurance on the online platform. It covers up to NT$300,000 medical insurance. Foreigners without a Taiwan ID or without an ARC and health card, cannot purchase Type 3 Insurance.

Any foreigner without an ARC or Taiwan ID, agrees to purchase their own accident insurance. For detailed insurance info, please contact us.

If it rains the race will still go ahead. The race will not be cancelled, unless under extreme circumstance e.g. a typhoon. Then it will be moved to another date. Refunds will not be given. Note: As with many runs, there is no storage on the day, so please travel light.

The organizers reserve the right to change any terms and conditions, or any rules, or the race course, at any time.

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